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500 Colored Pencil Set

This 500 pencil set is a great way to get started in writing or to add a new layer to your writing arsenal. These pencils are full of color and offer a variety of lead types that will leave you with plenty to work with. The 500 pencil set also includes a case for storage.

Mitsubishi pencil drawing 7,500 36 color set K750036C

Mitsubishi pencil drawing 7,500 36 color set K750036C

By Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.


Felissimo 500 colored pencils set

Felissimo Colored Pencils

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Felissimo 500 Colored Pencils

This felissimo 500 colored pencils collection is perfect for you! Choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect measure for your shop. This set includes 50 pencils in two sets, and is perfect for any artist in any medium. this 500 pencils set is perfect for the creative in you! The colorful pencils can help to bring out the talent in everyone, regardless of age, size or color. Whether you're apencils set includes 150 pencils in 500 different colors, the collection offers a variety of products to help you achieve your writing goals. From the classic felissimo to the new kahaukai, these pencils have something for everyone to choose from. this is a colored pencil set that is made of 500 pencils in a set of 20. It is perfect for a school project or for drawing or painting. The set also includes a 25 pencils book. this 500 colors pencils set is designed for students who want to get into writing and want to get creative with their words. The set includes 20 pencils per box, which makes it a good set for learning how to write and get away from traditional pencils. Additionally, the 500 colors pencils set includes 20 different colors, so students can learn to create different tones and colors with their writing.