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Roseart Colored Pencils

Looking for some used colored pencils? Look no further than the rose art crazy art lot! This variety of colors is perfect for any creative project. Shop now and start thinking about the next project!

Rose Art Colored Pencils

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Colored Pencil Rose

The roseart colored pencils are a great way to add a touch of color to your drawing or writing. They are made of durable plastic and have a bright colorful design. They come in 24-count package and may vary in different years. these colored pencils are made with the latest injection molding technology making the product celulose which is a natural plant based material. The celulose content in this pencils make them soft, smooth and white balance. The craz colors are sharpened with the help of a sharpening surface and a hardening surface making them last up to 200 strokes with no smudging. these 100 crayola rose art colored pencils are full of color and filled with high-quality crayola pencils. They come in a cool box which makes it easier to take with you, and they also come with a case. these color pencils come in a silver case and are filled with used art models. The pencils are well-proportioned and have a little bit of every color. There is a thoughtfully simple design on the lower side of each pencil, with a small rose in the center. They're perfect for highlighting a shore, or using as a contrasting color for a moreoponine scene.