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Faber Castell Colored Pencils 24

This set of 24 colorful pencils from faber castell is the perfect way to continue learning and writing in your favorite color. It includes 12 red, 12 green, and 12 blue pencils, making up a total of 24 pieces. Perfect for anyone wanting to explore any colorway of their favorite pencil, these col-erase pencils come in a 1278 package, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for the perfect addition to their writing set.

Faber-castell Colored Pencils 24 Price

If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to produce bright, vibrant colors with your pencils, look no further than the fabian castellcolored pencils. These pencils come in 24 colors, which makes them perfect for any professional project.

Faber-castell Colored Pencils 24 Names

These faber-castell colored pencils feature 24 unique names, giving you plenty of opportunity to unique your writing - and your desk - up. If you like the look of the colors and want to pick up a set, these will also be in at checkout. The faber-castell pencils are made from brass, plastic, and wooden materials, making them both delicate and durable. Whether writing in a large or small office, these pencils will make your work look better than ever. this is a 24-pack of faber-castell goldfaber colored pencils. It comes with 24 pencils in different colors. They are good for sketching, drawing, and ink comics. how much does it cost in philippines for faber-castell colored pencils? the price of faber-castell colored pencils in philippines is $0. There are 24 colors set for the pencil, and the cost for one set is $4. these faber-castell 24 goldfaber color pencils are new and look good on you. They look like the image on the left and are 8. 5 inches. They are made of material that is made of plastic and are plastic-free. These pencils are also non-toxic and have a rubber eraser end. They are made of lead and lead is toxic. If you are looking for a pencil that will help you to do your work with ease, then this is the perfect one for you.